A Guide for Insomnia and Other Sleeping Disorders

By: Meir Stolear, BA (Hons.), MSc (London)

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Sleeping disorders caused by complex biological, physiological and psychological problems and if you are suffering from the problem for long time you should seek a treatment with a sleeping disorder specialist (talk to your GP first). Prescribed or over the counter sleeping remedies are a short term solution, but can create long term dependency, which is a problem on its own. The following is a basic psychological and behavioural guide to support the work that you are doing on your sleeping disorder with your CBT therapist.

  1. Make sure your bedroom is not too hot nor too cold. Ideal temperatures are 19C to 21C (67F to 70F).
  2. Keep the bedroom quiet and dark during hours of sleeping.
  3. Decorate the bedroom with calming colours and calming furniture.
  4. Invest your money in a high quality bed and bed sets.
  5. Use lavender smell in your bedroom, which has a calming effect on the mind.

I hope that the above gives you some ideas to practice, so stop thinking about it so much and start practising the above guide. Do not expect immediate results and do not stop practising just because it is hard to get the results you are looking for.

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